Outsole Shoe Components

Rubber compoundingOutsole design and components are integral part of the functionality of the shoes. FOOTSAFE outsoles incorporate impregnated grit for superior traction and lug design for maximum grip plus a right-angled heel and sole arch section for added contour hug. Honey-combed air compartment absorb shock from the impact of walking. Selection of a shoe with the right outsole formulation is the key to the longest wear and to most comfort in industrial footwear.

Outsole Material

Footsafe Sole
Nitrile + NR - lower chemical resistance requirement
100% Nitrile - wider range of chemical resistance
Paracryl-Ozo - extremely acidic conditions


    avoid streak marks on floors
Outsole moulding Hardsole
    extremely hot and rugged conditions
    added comfort
    106 ohms electrical resistance
Steel Plate
    for puncture resistance
    103 ohms electrical resistance
    electrical resistance up to 14KV


The purpose of this electrical hazard safety toe footwear is to reduce hazards due to contact with the electrically energized parts. It provides a degree of protection to the feet of the wearer. The footwear is intended to provide secondary electrical hazard protection on surfaces which are substantially insulated
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