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Safety + Functionality, Durability & Comfort

Footsafe industrial safety shoes is a product borne out of an answer to the question of functionality, durability, and comfort.

It takes on the best available quality of raw materials and is manufactured using the best process which is beneficial and applicable to a broader base of the safety shoe market. It meets the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Center Rule 1080 and American National Standards Institute Rule Z41.

Our VIsion: Shoe the World Our sensitivity to the requirements of the client has resulted in a wider range of raw materials that are incorporated into the shoe, satisfying the desired specification concerning functional safety, design, comfort and budget.

We employ a very strict monitoring system starting from the acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing, quality assurance and up to delivery of products. We go on a continuous research and development of new and better materials, processes, design and formulations enabling us to adapt and be responsive to the growing and changing needs of the different industries we serve.

At FOOTSAFE, we believe that the right service action plan will contribute greatly towards better foot protection coverage among the users.

    Our action plan:
  • we analyze your working conditions
  • ask questions to find right solutions
  • determine your specific needs
  • compare with past experiences
  • refer to similiar cases
  • recommend what we know is the best combination to get the foot protection to you the most effective way
How Well Do You Know Your Industrial Shoes?
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